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Lab Links
GAS simulations<------------------

Plate Tectonics Quiz
For Sci ! Geology
equations Chem Acid & Base

Speed Lab-Snowmobile

Build an Atom

Gases Lab 

Density Practice On-Line Lab

NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day

Alien Juice Bar pH lab

Computer Cannon Lab

Science Notes and review You-Tube Videos by Mr. Kinney
Setting up the Ch11 Solar System Foldable notes.
NASA BEST lesson: LUNAR BUGGY in Sci1 class first week of school.

Science Links

Mini Videos by subject for teachers

NASA TV HiDef Feed

NASA Lunar Eclipse Dates

NASA Solar Eclipse Dates

NASA Free Paper Models

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Cool,  Science Related, You-Tube Videos


NEW Periodic Table Song

TEd Earthquake Safe Buildings

Resistance is Futile 

NPR Carbon 5 part series

NSF the Chemistry of Carbon

Absolute Zero

How to titrate acids and bases.

Mercury Barometer in mm of Hg

PBS NOVA Secrets of the Sun.

PBS NOVA IceAge Death Trap

PBS NOVA Doomsday Volcano (chemistry acid info)

National Geographic Colliding Continents

STEAM ENGINE from Aluminum Cans Video

Cosmos: The Clean Room (age of Earth/Lead)

Cosmos: The Lost Worlds of Planet Earth (geologic history)

The Most Astounding Fact about the Universe

We are the universe and STARDUST song

Discovery Channel: I love the Whole World

Lab Safety Video-For Chemistry

Lab Safety Video-For Chemistry Short

How to use a Fire Extinguisher.

Fire types & Extinguisher for ETech

How to neutrilize an acid with baking soda

How to ignite a Bunsen Burner.

Flame test and Explanation

The Elements song and Elemental Families Graphic

FPG-9 (Foam Plate Glider 9 inch) directions and tips

Discovery Channel Physics (Forces) of Skydiving Video

NASA JPL Mars Science Laboratory Animation Video "Curiosity"

NASA JPL Mars Exporation Rover Animation Video "Spirit/Opportunity"

Sodium Metal exploding in a Lake.

"Hot Ice" A cool hot chemistry demo

Chain Reaction

Making a Colorful DENSITY Column

Newton's Laws shown by Girl on a bike

Earth's Seasons Video

Earth From the ISS NASA timelapse...Amazing

From NASA: Mystery of the Moon's atmosphere(ionosphere)

Science Projects Sites

State Science Fair History of top projects.

National Science Olympiad Website

Research Sites

E Book username and password:   twolves   Recommend research resource. 


Lots of info, especially how the combine.


Use this for filling in the top of your notes sheet. and properties


Log-In: cusd     Password: clovis,   Good background info.


FREE Paper Space Craft Models from NASA page 1. 

Also try a google search for any specific model. (free paper spacecraft model)



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