Mr. Mike Derby
Bud Rank Elementary
6th Grade

Parents and students ... Please check this website for announcements, weekly updates, and other important 6th grade events.
If you do not find the information you are looking for on this website, please contact me at mikederby@cusd.com

Parent Teacher Conference signups: Friday October 27, 2017 is CUSD Elementary Parent Teacher conference day. There is no school this day for students.  This is a day where we will be discussing your child's progress and future goals.  The day has been dedicated to you, to schedule an appointment to meet with me.  I understand that some parents will be unable to attend the conference day.  I have extended the conferences for the week before Oct 27th.  The conference times are only scheduled for approx. 20 min. If you are happy with their progress and do not require a face to face conference with me to discuss your child, then please email me and tell me, “I do not require a face to face conference”. I will deal with these on a case by case basis. If you are unable to meet with me during one of the days or times I offer, then please let me know, and I can try to make alternate arrangements that accommodate you. Some email and phone conferences may be scheduled (if necessary).

I am using the signup genius website this year and it is first come first serve. I have created several time slots for parents to signup on a specific day with me. Please view the days and times available. When you click on that slot and signup, then it will ask you to enter: your name, email, contact phone number, and your student’s name. Fill this out and you’re done. Please only sign up for one time slot per child. I only made 36 appointments available, so pick one. If you need to change it, I believe you can go back later and cancel or change a time. It will also send you an email reminder a few days before the appointment. Please let me know if you have questions.  


Sonora Update:

·       Medications: All Sonora medications are due by October 25th. Please make sure you get those forms (Medication at School Form) completed by doctors’ for prescriptions and/or over the counter medicines. You do not want your child to suffer in the mountains, because you didn’t send the meds in on time. We go to Sonora six weeks from today so get those meds/forms turned in. The nurse will not be accepting anything after Oct. 25th. This goes for All Medication (Rx prescriptions, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Claritin, Dramamine etc.). Any questions let me know. Medication forms are available in the office.   

·       Students not attending: If you or your student have already made up your mind, that they will not attend Sonora camp, please let me know. I know many families have personal reasons, religious beliefs, or simply their child is uncomfortable going on a field trip over night. I would like to see all students attend, but if they cannot I understand. BR needs to try and get our numbers right and account for where students go that are not attending. Please do not let the cost of the trip or chaperone selection detour you from sending your child. Let me know if you have any unanswered questions about the field trip.   

Jog-a-Thon $$$ Thank you for your support. Our class raised over $800. We will be celebrating this with a special treat at Sonora and an electronics afternoon sometime soon. 

Grades and Curriculum:

·       Reading:  AR will sneak up on students if they do not make time to read and plan a book out. The goal for the quarter is 25 points. Progress reports will go home (FRIDAY) and we will input a grade for the quarter as a progress monitoring check. By Friday at recess time students should have around 12-13 points, if they are shooting for that "A". We go to the library every other week on Tuesdays, so they need to be reading books weekly and taking tests (be it Fiction or Non-fiction). I would prefer they have one of each going throughout the week. AR is worth 10% of their total reading grade.

·       Spelling, Language & Vocab: This week is Lesson 4 for Spell. and Vocab., both are found in their WordWise workbook. A skill to be working on at home is the antonym section. They need to be thinking of the concept as "opposite meaning". I have noticed some students are struggling with antonyms on their vocab quizzes, so when studying, make sure to practice “What is not_______?” As they prepare for these tests before Fridays it helps to review the lessons and the rules for that group of words or concept. Good study habits now go a long way later in 7th grade. Flash cards work great as well.   

·       Math: We are just finishing Chapter 4 on Multiplying and Dividing Fractions, a very difficult concept to start the year with. We will have our 2nd pretest or “practice test” early next week. If students get an “A” then they are able to keep that score for their math test this chapter. I expect them to do very well. If they don’t do so well, then they have this practice test to review for a similar test the next day. Expect Chapter 4 Math Test Monday or Tuesday next week.

Progress Reports and Test retakes - Progress reports go home this Friday. Please check Parent Connect to verify assignments and grades (or have your student use Student Connect login to check themselves). Students received their usernames/passcodes about three weeks ago. Work completed/graded in previous weeks is returned weekly and students should be filing work in their binder daily. Students know their scores, because they see these papers before you do and grades will be posted each week in my classroom. I try to make them responsible for their learning, so they know when they have done something or not. Please communicate with your sixth grader to make sure they do not have missing assignments.  Reminder: students are allowed 3 retakes of any test or quiz for the 1st quarter. Please check with them on any poor test performances.  If they plan on retaking a test/quiz they need to check with me and it needs to be redone reasonably close to the original completion date. Retakes are only allowed if they scored less than an 70% on a test/quiz and they can better their grade up to a maximum score of 70%. For instance, a 68%(D+) would be worth retaking to receive a max score of 70% (C-). Students need to come to me to discuss these.


Classroom supply donations: it is that time of the year again when we start to run low on supplies. As of right now we can use black dry erase markers, white bond copy paper, and (black/colored) ink cartridges for a Epson 200 printer. Any donation you can make to us is greatly appreciated. Thank you!




 Welcome to 6th grade! We are all looking forward to having you in our classes next year!

 In 6th grade we are implementing a new organizational binder system throughout all classes. Therefore, we are seeking the following voluntary donations to set up their binders.

 Strongly recommended individual student supplies:

§  3 ring binder with tabs/dividers (2 inch)

§  1 pack of college ruled paper

§  1 pencil pouch for binder (3 ring pencil pouch, zipper, canvas work best)

o   We will not be using pencil boxes/cups/holders in 6th grade.

§  2 Black/Blue ballpoint pens

§  2 Mechanical pencils and lead

§  1 White Hi-polymer eraser

§  4 pack of different colored Highlighters

§  3 Spiral notebooks (70 pages w/3 hole punch)

§  1 Black dry erase marker

§  Small whiteboard eraser (rags, mismatched socks)

 We also have needs for “community” supplies which are utilized by all of our students and we would greatly appreciate your voluntary donations.

 Community supplies:

§  White copy paper

§  College ruled binder paper

§  Kleenex

§  Disinfecting Wipes

§  Band-Aids

§  Black Dry Erase Markers

§  Box of #2 pencils

§  Mechanical pencils and lead

Please allow us to thank you in advance for your support. Your donations allow us to provide your child with additional experiences which will enhance their education. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Respectfully yours,

BR Sixth Grade Teachers


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