Virtual Lab Links

Here you will find links to all the Virtual Labs we do in class, plus a few that you might like to explore yourself!
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Measurement/Scientific Method

Independent and Dependent Variables Virtual Lab



Virtual Lab: Speed and Motion

Cyber Cannon Lab

Chapter 1 Motion Computer Lab

 Newton's Law of Motion WebQuest


Friction Cars

What is Newton's 2nd Law of Motion?

Phet: Forces and Motion

Phet:Gravity Force Lab

Exploring Newton's Second Law

Egg Drop Interactive 

Density and Buoyancy

Phet: Density and Buoyancy

Virtual Lab: Why do things float?

Virtual Lab: Thermal Energy and States of Matter


Gravity and Orbits

Exploring Our Solar System

Web Quest: Gravity

Intro to Astronomy Activity

Galaxies Galore

Virtual Lab: Star Chemical Classification

Hubble Space Telescope


Chemical Bonding WebQuest

Ionic Bonds:

Metallic Bonds:

Covalent Bonds:

Introduction to Ionic and Covalent Bonding:


Chemistry of Life -WebQuest

A. Elements of the Human Body

B. Carbohydrates



E. Nucleic Acids

F.Comparing Macromolecules

Extra Credit

Phet: Balancing Chemical Equations

Phet: States of Matter

Phet: Build an Atom

Phet: Ionic and Covalent Compounds

Determining Which Atoms Form Chemical Bonds

Virtual Lab: Periodic Table and Physical Properties

Kitchen Chemistry

Lab: Alien Juice Bar

Virtual Lab: What Properties Do Elements Have?


Light and Waves Webquest

Part A

Part B

Part C

Part D

Part E

Part F

Other Interesting Science Sites

DNA Virtual Labs

NOVA Labs - Take part in real life scientific investigations after learning the basics!

Discovery Kids

Discover: Life - Challenges of Life

Glencoe Web Site

Web Quest: Robots and Other NASA Activities

NASA: Educational Fun and Games