Happy Spring! Happy Everything!

This week in first grade, we are learning about dinosaurs!

We will continue to learn how to tell time to the hour and half hour, as well as standards of measurement and comparing lengths.

Report Cards also go home. Please sign and return.

Mark your calendar!
Our Zoo Field Trip is on May 10!

Dress Code Reminder:
Shirts must come down mid-thigh when wearing leggings. Also, no holes, frays, or camouflage. Please refer to the CUSD Dress Code Policy at www.cusd.com. Thank you!

Our Writing Goal for 3rd Quarter is
Writing Information!
We are learning the difference between fact and opinion and using facts to help us write informational pieces.
Each of our pieces must include:
  • Topic Sentence
  • Fact
  • Fact
  • Fact
  • Conclusion

We are continuing to learn subtraction to 20.
We are also working on what makes a math equation true or false?
For example:
1+1=2 is TRUE!
3+4=9-7 is FALSE!

Students need to know how to solve both sides of an equation. For example:
and then decide if it is TRUE or FALSE.
This takes some focus, but we're getting there!

How to Solve Math Word Problems:
Please solve this week's word problems in this order... 
(We have been working on these steps in class!)
Read the word problem and then,
1. Circle the numbers
2. Highlight important math words
3. Draw Circles (to represent the problem)
4. Write a number sentence (equation)

We have learned how to find the
Missing Addend
For example:
___ + 2 = 8
What is the missing addend?

Wear your LIBERTY spirit wear
Our class has won the spirit stick two weeks in a row! Help us stay undefeated! 
(Shirts must have LIBERTY or a Skyhawk. Spirit tattoos also count!)

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First Grade Specials:
Tuesday: Library Time
Please don't forget to bring your books to return!

Thursday: Music Time
with Mrs. Headrick

Friday: Sharing and Snack Shack
Please bring one item to share with the class.
Please bring $1-2 for snack shack, labeled with your child's name, and in a plastic baggie.  Thank you!

Our Room Six Star of the Week is...
Next week's STAR of the WEEK is...

April Birthdays
Jazmyn, 4/2
Gianna, 4/8
Sophia, 4/23
Christian, 4/27

May Birthdays
Kaliyah, 5/15

June Birthdays
Jordynn, 6/1

July Birthdays
Nayla, 7/21
Madison, 7/23

You may bring a simple treat on the day of your child's birthday before school begins.  Please keep the treat fuss-free (something that doesn't require a spoon or fork is best).
Please remember, we are a nut-free classroom. Thank you!

We finished reading Mr. Popper's Penguins and loved every second of it. We also read
Mercy Watson to the Rescue which is a part of an adorable series by Kate DiCamillo. Do you read aloud to your child?

Liberty Character Counts Awards:
Students will receive their awards in the classroom.
September: Responsibility
Alexander and Alexa
October: Trustworthiness
Aaron B. and Sophia
November: Respect
Kayleb T. and Paisley
December: Caring
Caleb C. and Haidan
January: Ethical Choices
Aaron G. and Frenchie
February: Citizenship
Leul and Gianna
March: Fairness
Luke and Madison
April: Teachers Pillar Choice
May: All Pillars

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