The Delano Code of Law
I am intelligent
I am talented
I am special
I am worth loving
I am worth forgiving
I am a gift
I am intrinsically good
I must believe in myself
I will be my own best friend
I have discipline
I have courage
I am responsible
I am a winner
I will always envision success
Welcome Students and Parents,
    My name is Mr. Nathan A. Dean and this pitiful excuse for a website is my own creation. You will find more information posted as we move through the semester and I learn more about the site. If there is something that you have seen on another teacher's site that is helpful to you, let me know and I will do what I can:) Currently, I hope to have any handouts I give ready for download (Assignments Link) and a daily updated calendar (Calendar Link) that will contain what the students did in class and what their homework for the night is. My contact information is listed in the About Me link. Please!!!! let me know what I can do to help from my end. We all need help to succeed and I am here to help. Have a great semester!
Nathan A. Dean