Dry Creek 2017-18 School Year

Important Dates to Remember

4/6  Last Day of 3rd Quarter

4/9  Upper Grade Awards

4/12  Spring District Championships

4/13  Grandparent's Day Breakfast

4/16  All Track starts

Tuesday, 4/17 Open House  5:30-7:30

4/20  Evening for Education

4/30-5/21  SBAC Testing

5/25 District Track Championships

5/29  4th Grade Field Trip to Scout Island

5/30  Block DC

6/1  Track Awards

Recommended individual student supplies
*  Pencil pouch or small hard plastic pencil case   * Pencils, an ink pen any color
*  Highlighter, any color    *  Dividers with 5 tabs  *  Box of 48 crayons or less   * 1 inch clear binder

We also have needs for "community" supplies that are utilized by all of our students and we would greatly appreciate your voluntary donations.

Community supplies  
*  Copy paper        *  White lined wide ruled binder paper         *  kleenex        *  glue sticks
        *  Crayola marker set, 8-10 colors        *  Black fine and extra-fine sharpies        *  Post it notes