Welcome to CUSD Clovis Community Sports & Recreation Department

The CUSD Clovis Community Sports & Recreation Department offers sports and recreational programs for Youth and Adults.

Youth Softball Leagues, T-ball Leagues, Youth Baseball Leagues, Adult Slo-Pitch Leagues, After School Golf Camps, Adult Volleyball Leagues,
Adult Basketball Leagues, Pep & Cheer Programs and Youth Flag Football Leagues are offered seasonally.
Year-round competitive and recreational programs are offered in Volleyball, Softball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance and Pep & Cheer. 
Close to 10,000 members of the community, ranging in age from 2 years old to adult participate in the programs
offered by the Sports & Recreation Department. 
 The CUSD Clovis Community Sports & Recreation Department also offers over 50 mini-camps annually that include sports,
band, music, pep & cheer, language, reading, computers and a variety of other activities. 
The Summer Arts & Sports Camp is one of our most popular activities. This camp is a fun-filled five week summer program, consisting of
beginning sports training, physical activities and performing and visual arts for elementary age children. 
The sessions are taught by credentialed teachers and qualified staff five days a week.
For more information about our sports and recreation programs click on the sidebar menu items, or contact
the CUSD Clovis Community Sports and Recreation Department at (559) 327-9225.