•Spirit Pack

The spirit pack allows the athlete to have Buchanan track gear and make the team some money. The cost will be, $20.00=T-shirt, $50.00= Sweat shirt, $65.00 both T-shirt and Sweatshirt, $50.00= back pack and $110.00= t-shirt and sweat shirts and a back pack.

•Sponsorship of Events at The West Coast Relays hosted by Buchanan Track on April 1, 2017.

A business or person may sponsor an event at the West Coast Relays.  This is at a cost of $25.00 per event, $40.00 for two events and $50.00 for three.  For $200.00 you receive a half page add and one event sponsorship, $500.00 receives three event sponsor and a full page add.  A $1000.00 receives a full-page ad and name/logo on workers t-shirts and $2000.00 receives a full page color ad name/logo on workers t-shirts and 10 event sponsors.  You will be able to choose the event you would like to fund; we will offer sponsorships on a first-come, first-serve basis (If your choice have been taken, your sponsor name will be placed into unfilled events). (More info will be handed out)

              •Why we fund raise

We fund raise pay for the cost of uniforms entry fees, travel and equipment.  With the size of our team, we are always in need of more equipment.  This is necessary for continual growth. Going to invitationals and other big meets gives our athletes the best competition available.  We also try to give our athletes the most up-to-date equipment and most memorable experience possible. 

 If you need more information or have any ideas to help the Buchanan Track & Field program please call Brian Weaver 327-3281, e-mail, Facebook Buchanan Track & Field or follow us on instagram @buchanantrack.  Team web page