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Week 9 ( Oct 17- Oct 21)

Begin Fermentation Lab
Finish Notes- Respiration
Finish Fermentation Lab
Waterweed Internet Activity
Artificial Photosynthesis Article and Questions
H.W. Review Sheet (Due Monday Oct 24)
Test Tuesday (Oct 25)
L.L. # 9a
1. What is the chemical reaction for photosynthesis?
2. Where do the following phases of photsynthesis take place?
  a. Light reaction
  b. Dark reaction
3. What is the hydrogen (H+) carrier called in the light reaction?
4. Write the chemical reaction for cellular respiration.
5. What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration?
6. What is the name of the energy molecule? How does energy get released from this molecule?
Ps/Rs Acitivity
Demo- Elodea
Bingo Review
L.L. # 9b
1. Where does respiration take place?
2) If an organism has oxygen it wil complete which 2 respiration cycles?
3. If an organism does not have oxygen, it can do 1 of 2 types of fermentation... name them both
4. a.Which of the above 2 processes (in number 3) create the muscle "burn"?
     b. Which of the above 2 processes creates beer or wine?
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