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Week 3 (Feb 6- Feb 10)

Hardy-Weinburg Equilibrium Activity
H.W. Study Guide Evolution
DVD/Questions- What Darwin Never Knew
H.W. 16.3 Wrksheet( Due Tuesday/Wed)
L.L. 3a
1. What is the main cause of variation in a species (what causes it)?
2. What does Natural Selection not work on? What does it work on?
3. List 1 mechanism of evolution. Describe how this mechanism affects the population.
4. What makes an organism "fit"?
5. If the recessive allele in a population has a frequency of 25%, calulate the dominate allele frequency. Calculate the homozygous dom freq, heterozygous freq and the homozygous recessive freq.
Internet Activity Peppered Moth
Fossil Record Activity
Speciation/Genetic Drift Wrksht- HW
L.L. #3b
1. After mass extinctions the fossil record shows new speices occuring. Why?
2. Most fossibls form in which type of rock?
3. What are homologous structures?
4. When an organism lives becasue of its phenotype, this is called _____ ______.
5. Orgaisms usually found _______ in the fossile record (layer of rock) are usually less complex.
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