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Week 2 (Jan 30- Feb 3)

Adaptations Wrksht
Article/Questions- Darwin Proposes Descent with Modification
Evolution Wrksheet Ch. 16 questions and answers (Due Thursday)
Notes Evolution
Bird Bills and Natural Selection
Name that Paleontologist
16.3 Wrksheet Due  Monday
L.L. # 2a
1. List 1 part of Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection and describe its meaning in your own words.
2. Why is variation in a population/species important?
3. What is survial of the fittest?
4. What is the goal of all organisms?
5. What is Natural Selection
Lab- Breeding Bunnies
Natural Selection case studies
Evolution Critical Thinking
L.L. 2b
1. Isolation of a speices can caue what to happen?
2. List 2 factors that affect natural selection
3. What is Genetic Drift? HOw can you tell if genetic drit has occured?
4. What is the founder effect? When does it happen?
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Jan 23, 2012, 1:52 PM