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Mrs. Aguilar's Website

Welcome students!!!  Use this website as a tool, or "guide," as we begin our year-long adventure together!  Remember, students will be expected to use this website in order to:

*Find/print/complete assignments
*Manage your homework
*Keep on top of your calendar
*Complete extra credit

And much more!

Please make sure you have read and reviewed the class syllabus.  I will be strictly following the rules and guidelines laid out in my syllabus.

Let's enjoy this year together!  Remain positive, study hard, and do your very best...that's all I can ask of you!

If you are having trouble with Classroom:
1. Start by going to clever.cusd.com (especially if you are trying to log-in from home)
2. click "Log In with Active Directory" and enter your school computer username (harrypotter001) and password 
3. Once logged in to Clever, open a new internet tab and type in classroom.google.com
4. Hopefully you are logged in, but if not, log in using your CUSD Student Google Account (harrypotter001@cusdstudent.com)

**If you are trying to access materials from Google Classroom using your PERSONAL GOOGLE ACCOUNT....it probably won't work.  YOU MUST USE YOUR CUSD STUDENT GOOGLE ACCOUNT.**