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Smartphone and Web Application Development

To provide the modern eye and health care professional with unique state of the art mobile diagnostic, reference, patient and physician education tools on their smartphones.

Cloud Nine Development, LLC (www.cloudninedevelopment.com) is a company managed by doctors to enhance the visibility, marketing, efficacy and efficiency of the busy physician.

Our first product, the “Eye Handbook” (www.eyehandbook.com) is available for free download on Apple's iTunes store (www.itunes.com). This is the most comprehensive and popular iPhone application for the Eye Care professional. 

Our main focus has shifted to our second unique product line. Our goal is to design, market and maintain personalized physician smartphone applications (Doctor App: www.yourdoctorapp.com) for health care professionals.

We all agree that physicians need a website for many reasons. The most important reason is that patients, family members, and caregivers want their doctors to have a website. A medical practice website is a powerful tool--it allows doctors to attract new patients, educate patients, and increase office efficiency. Now, more than ever, more and more people are on their smartphones. The question physicians ask now is, “Should I have an App? “  It's like 10 years ago when the debate was:  "Do I have to get a website or not?‟ “People were unsure, but these days, the answer is obvious: if you‟re not on the Web, it's like you don't exist. The same can be said of "apps" and everyone will have one. It's a simpler interface, is more readily accessible and is at everyone's fingertips while on the go.

According to AdMob, the iPhone operating system makes up 50% of the worldwide smartphone market, with Android the next highest OS at 24%. With Apple selling over 50 million smartphones  to date, we launched with the iPhone as our first mobile platform. Within the next couple of months we're also planning to develop native versions of the DocApp for other platforms, possibly including Blackberry, Google Android, Apple's new iPad and others. The beauty is, they'll all pull from the same CMS data as your iPhone app, so when we introduce them, there won't be any extra effort required by the customer. You can easily control all content and information through a real-time web interface.