Configuring CloudCodes gFlow for google apps workflow


Configuring forms in CloudCodes gFlow on the google apps workflow platform is a simple and easy thing for a business user. It can be divided into 3 main categories
  1. Information about the flow
  2. Define the google apps workflow form for approval
  3. Define the approval chain

Define Google Apps Workflow form for Approval

The approval form is divided into 
a. Section
b. Fields

The form can be divided into multiple sections and each section can have its own fields. There is no restriction on number of section and number of fields a section can have. The section can be categorized into
  1. One Column
  2. Two Column
In case of one column the fields within the section will be displayed as one field per row whereas in case of two column layout the fields will be displayed with 2 fields in one row. 

A field can be defined using the following
  1. Display title of the field
  2. Type of the field
The following types are supported by gFlow

 Type         Description
 Single Line Text     This can be used to store
  1. String
  2. Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Money
  5. Auto-ID
  6. Formula
 Multi Line Text Use this to store multiple line of string data.
 Select List Create dynamic lists that may be used only for the form only. In case the list is used across form then use List.
 List Define pre-defined list and use the same list data across multiple forms.
 Single Choice Use this store single value for a given st of values. It is displayed as radio button.
 Multiple Choice Use this when user need to to provided values for field. It is displayed as check box
 File If the form need files to be uploaded then use FILE type. 
NOTE: we can have only have one field of type FILE.
 User Lookup If the value of the field is to show the requestor profile information then user User Lookup.     
 Date Represents date
 Sub Form Ability to embed forms within a form. 

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