Empower google apps workflow using gFlow

gFlow is a simple and easy tool to configure google apps workflow to automate approval workflow for organisation which are on Google Apps platform. Now with the launch of this product from CloudCodes Software, enterprises using Google apps will not have to spend more time in managing the complex approval workflow processes. It is deployed on Google App Engine Cloud platform .

 This really turns into annoyance as the company grows and approval workflow becomes complex. With the help of gFlow, business users can develop their own approval workflows in 2 steps
  1. Configure the Approval Form
  2. Define the approval route

This application can be used by small, medium and large organisation for approval of various process that are currently on paper based. From business user perspective gFlow will allow them to convert them paper based manual approval process to be automated within few minutes on google apps workflow. After initial configuration, business users can configure the approval forms without the need of IT department or individual with IT skills.

Some of the advance features are

  1. Multiple type of approval routes i.e parallel or sequential.
  2. End user define approvers or pre-define approvers.
  3. Categorizing the approvers into multiple group.
  4. Resubmit of cancelled approval.
  5. Delegating the approval to another user.
  6. Reports
  7. Dashboard
gFlow has one of the unique pricing compare to its competitors. Unlike any cloud based application gFlow pricing is not based on users but on form. This makes overall solution in-expensive at the time of initial deployment considering the constraint on budget that most business unit today has.

The product can be installed from the Google marketplace.

For any details contact sales@cloudcodes.com or visit our website www.cloudcodes.com