Leave Approvals with the Aid of gFlow a wonderful google apps workflow

Generally the leave approval process requires two levels of approval i.e. 

  1. the Manager approval and 
  2. the HR approval. 
  3. The user enters the required leave dates. 
  4. Initially the application goes to the manager, and 
  5. then the manager will check your details and may ask for alteration of the employee.
  6. Once the application gets approved by the department manager it goes to the HR manager for his/her approval so that the HR can adjust the leaves as per the company’s policy.

Know how to develop a Google apps workflow with gFlow?

gFlow allows you to build your own google apps workflow in just a few simple steps that can be used over the existing Google app domain. gFlow synchronies the users and groups from your domain automatically. One can assign them as an active participant in the process or can keep them idle and only informed. Here are those simple steps that are required to build a perfect workflow as per your company:

  • Install the gFlow from Google Marketplace.
  • Assign the business user as administrator for gFlow.
  • Click on Setup/Admin section from the topmost menu.
  • Hit it off on Forms/Flows
  • Click on the Add Flow
  • Deliver the basic information regarding the approval
  • Deliver approval route information
  • Define approval chain
  • Configure form

gFlow- End user features

  • Single Sign On and Easy access from Google Apps
  • Simple Dashboard
  • Notification by Email with Actionable link
  • Approve or Reject with Comments
  • Get notified of the progress

Isn’t it simple and great???

The gFlow is known for its simple and smart workflow creation for the business users. You can start creating Google apps approval workflow through gFlow as it is available at very affordable charges in monthly and yearly plans. So what are you waiting for? Just add this wonderful corporate Google app and see its wonders.


For more information about gFlow feel free to visit www.gflowapp.com.