Welcome to the Stillwater Junior High Special Education website!  We are extremely proud of our program here at SJHS.  We strive to work together as a team alongside parents/guardians, other special education teachers, regular education teachers, related service providers, administrators, and counselors to ensure each student is provided with the very best educational experience possible.  We believe that all students can and have the right to learn.

Our program includes a wide variety of services for a diverse array of learners.  Whether you are new to SJHS and would like to learn about our programs, or are an existing family in our programs, we are eager to speak with you about your comments and questions.  Please contact us!

District 834 Special Education Vision Statement

We envision people residing, working, learning, and playing together in a community where the quality of life is enriched, and individual differences of all members of society are valued.  Our district is working toward becoming an inclusive community where all persons, including those with disabilities, will reside, grow, and benefit by being with each other at home, at school, and in the community.


Contact Information
        Naashom Buettner, Developmental Cognitive Delays                 351-8917   buettnern@stillwater.k12.mn.us

        Barb Enslin, Teacher for Severely Multiply Impaired              351-8909   enslinb@stillwater.k12.mn.us  

        Leah Hamilton, Speech/Language Pathologist        
             351-6956     hamiltonl@stillwater.k12.mn.us

        Kate Henning, Teacher of Developmental Cognitive
                                     Delays & Autism
            351-6955    henningk@stillwater.k12.mn.us

        Brandee Johnson, Autism Specialist &                                                             Speech/Language Pathologist
            351-6956     johnsonb@stillwater.k12.mn.us

        Tim Kellen, Learning Disabilities Teacher                               351-6962   kellent@stillwater.k12.mn.us

        Megan Prom, Psychologist
            351-6958     promm@stillwater.k12.mn.us

        Gloria Solum, Learning Disabilities Teacher        
            351-8977    solumg@stillwater.k12.mn.us

        Alicia Schindler, Developmental Cognitive Delays     
            351-6998    schindlera@stillwater.k12.mn.us

        Jana Zaremba, Learning Disabilities Teacher/                                              Emotional and Behavior Disorders
            351-6941    zarembaj@stillwater.k12.mn.us