Enabling a Culture of Access and Mobility: Planning for Technology Usage in the OCDSB 2012 - 2017

Technology Times Articles

BYOD at the OCDSB Part 1 

BYOD at the OCDSB Part 2

Digital Citizenship and the AUP

OCDSB Digital Citizenship Pilot Project Resources

Digital Citizenship Background information: 

OCDSB Documents (policy, procedure, permission forms)

The Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship – Mike Ribble (used with permission)

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Common Sense Media 

Additional Resources available in French and English:

Media Smarts Teacher Resources -

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Digital Citizenship Pilot Project (Elementary Skills Continua - Draft Documents)

Primary Digital Citizenship Continuum Draft

Junior Digital Citizenship Continuum Draft

Intermediate Digital Citizenship Continuum Draft

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Jane Smith, Elementary ICT Consultant
Ottawa Carleton District School Board
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