Learn. Improve. Lead.

Be Tiger Proud!

Our School Vision

Learn. Improve. Lead.

Our School Mission

Academic Achievement

The Linden Park school community is committed to ensuring high levels of learning for individuals.

Teachers will:

Provide instruction using research based strategies.

Use formative assessment to guide instruction.

 School Culture

The Linden Park school community is committed to creating an environment that supports learning by helping students become respectful, responsible, and safe.

Teachers will:

Have high expectations for all students.

Help students develop a growth mindset.

 Parental Involvement

The Linden Park school community is committed to helping parents be involved in their child’s education.

Teachers will:

Communicate with parents frequently and in a timely manner about student progress.

Help parents learn about best practices in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Collective Commitments

We will provide a welcoming and safe environment for students, parents, and staff.

We will be responsible for the success of every student.

We believe that all students can grow, learn, and achieve.

We will hold ourselves and our students accountable to high expectations of learning.

We will work collaboratively to analyze and use data to monitor individual student learning and guide our instruction.

We will model kindness, understanding, integrity, and respect for our students.

We will model life-long learning by taking advantage of learning opportunities. 

Bell Schedule

Grades 1 - 6

8:55 AM First Bell ----- Tardy Bell 9:00 AM

Tuesday - Friday
7:55 AM First Bell ----- Tardy Bell 8:00 AM
Dismissal - 2:05 PM Monday - Friday


AM Students - 9:00 AM - 11:12 PM
PM Students - 11:53 AM - 2:05 PM

Tuesday - Friday
AM Students - 8:00 AM - 10:42 PM
PM Students - 11:23 AM - 2:05 PM

Breakfast Service Times
Monday 8:30 - 8:50
Tuesday - Friday 7:30 - 7:50


*   Attendance matters for doing well in school and life.

*   Both excused and unexcused absences represent lost time in the classroom and lost opportunity to learn.

*   Absent and tardy students can affect the whole classroom, creating disruptions and slowing down instruction. 

*   Please schedule extended trips over allotted vacation.

*   All verified absences must be reported to office within 48 hours of the absence – if this does not occur, they will remain unverified.