“I Can Learn, I Will Learn, I Will Reach My Potential”

A word from Mr. Stocking

Parents, thank you for supporting your child and allowing us the opportunity to teach them here at Hawthorne.  It is hard to believe how fast this school year has gone by. Starting the beginning of April, the state-wide testing window for ISATs and the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI) assessments opens. Students here will begin their assessments starting April 17th – May 12th; with the week of May 15th – May 19th as the makeup week. Please make sure your child is getting a good night’s sleep and an amazing breakfast.

Please be mindful of the weather.  As it is still cool during the day, please make sure that your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear.  If your child wears a sleeveless top, the straps have to be at least 3 adult fingers wide. 

formation to help your children at home and to be successful at school. English  Español 


Movie Night: April 14th 6:30pm  SING $1.00 each person.

Refreshments available for purchase. Bring a blanket and a chair.  Please enter the side door facing South Boulevard.

Chocolate Bars are still on sale!
We will be having a Cinco de Mayo piñata and nacho party for the top selling class of chocolate bars. Chocolate bar order forms will be available next week before and after school.

Box tops: Pre-School is the winning class!  They brought 523 box tops! Great job kids keep up the hard work. 

Lost & Found

If your student 

has lost anything, they can check in both of the lost and founds. One of the lost and founds is in the 4th grade hallway and the other is in the hallway across form the Cafeteria