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D91 Teachers Are Making Literacy a Priority!

LDC Mission

The Literacy Design Collaborative seeks to ensure that every student graduates from high school with the Idaho Core literacy skills necessary for success in college and career. LDC supports educators in providing rigorous instruction; continuous, reflective professional improvement; and the integration of literacy and content in instruction. With this year’s Late Start Monday, middle school and high school teachers are using the time to work together to help students develop those literacy skills. All teachers are working to ensure students gain those critical literacy skills. While they teach different subjects, teachers share the same goal: making sure all students graduate with the literacy skills they will need to succeed in college or careers.


The Literacy Design Collaborative organization will equip teachers with the tools and training needed to implement the college- and/or career-ready expectations embodied in the Idaho Core Standards so that all students experience effective teaching and learning in all subject areas throughout their schooling and emerge with the core skills necessary to meet the demands of citizenry in the 21st century.


Teachers Agree: It Works!

Based on a national survey conducted by Research For Action, more than 90% of teachers reported that LDC tools are effective in encouraging literacy skills in secondary classrooms.

Teachers’ Use of LDC Tools:  Survey Results

·         93% of teachers agreed that LDC tools promote literacy instruction in secondary classrooms 

·         87% of teachers reported use of tools supported college readiness

·         79% of teachers reported use of tools resulted in higher quality writing

·         78% of teachers reported tools were effective in making instruction more engaging to students

·         75% of teachers reported use of tools helped prepare students for current assessments

·       82% of teachers believe LDC is effective in encouraging use of formative assessments to identify strengths/weaknesses