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Device Advice

Primary devices A core device is one which allows you to create and edit documents efficiently which means typing and managing files. This requires a full-size physical keyboard and a screen large enough for you to see what you are doing. You do not require a powerful machine and neither do you need to buy any software to do this. Capable devices can cost from as little as $400

Minimum Specifications:
  1. Wireless card with  min 802.11g support (802.11n or 802.11ac preferred)
  2. Support for Adobe Flash player
  3. Full form keyboard
  4. 6+ Hour Battery life
  5. USB Support
  6. Anti virus protection -  (AVG or Avast have free versions)
  7. Win 7 to 10   Mac OS X  
  8. 3 year warranty
Things to consider
  • Wireless mouse makes life easier
  • Solid state drive (SSD) are fast robust and efficient.
  • School bag with Laptop support makes transport safer and easier.
  • Pre-installed antivirus require re-licence after 3 to 6 months!
  • Second hand devices can mean you are buying someone else's problem.
  • Devices do not have to be expensive or very high spec'd

Device overview 
  • Chrome books are allowed though not recommended.
  • MacBook Air is very popular, is good but very expensive and unnecessary .
  • iPads or any PAD is unacceptable. Devices must have a full attached keyboard.
  • As most work is done on the "cloud" one of the most important parts of the device has become a good fast reliable wireless card (see minimum specifications) 
Peripheral devices 
Smaller devices may go on the network and share the unique wireless key and access the internet but they war not considered suitable tools for learning due to their limited size. They are useful for accessing Gmail and KAMAR portal.