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What does BYOD mean?
Bring Your Own Device.

Why is Garin getting wireless?
So students and staff can access their work more easily.

What if my computer breaks and I need support?
Garin College is not allowed to support private machines.

What is a trusted machine?
A trusted machine is one that is owned by Garin College or the Ministry Of Education. This means we can mess with it.

When can I have wireless?
GC-BYOD is ready to go now!

How do I get wireless?
Just fill out the form on this site and ensure you have filled out and signed a internet contract with the school before.

How restrictive is the wireless?
The same rules and restrictions as the existing internet access.
Printing is enabled on personal devices.

Which devices can go on wireless?
Garin College only currently allows laptops, netbooks and tablets on the network.

What are preferred devices?
Laptops and Netbooks are the preferred devices as these devices have a usable keyboard.

What can I access with wireless?
The internet, through our proxy, which logs all your history and blocks some sites.

How good is the coverage?
The whole site is covered, but the quality of the signal will vary as you move about.

Can I print?
Yes, you are able to print from your device, at school. The print charging software is now on the schools server so you can print from your device while on the school's network. 

How do I get to my network files?
Just click the link on the mail home page, just like you do at home.