Google Chrome

The browser you have to use so please see that it is installed on the account you use.  

Home page

Set your home page to as this will make your life far easier.

Proxy Switchy (or similar)

A Chrome extension allowing you to flip-flop your connection at home and school easily. 

Proxy Server

Your device must connect to the internet through our proxy server when at school.                    port 3128. Put these details in to proxy switchy.


Your access will be very fast, but is filtered to make it safe and is capped. Each week your account will be topped up though.

White sites

All core educational sites are free and easy to access. Others require you to authenticate or say who you are.   


The secure wireless network you will use. This network allows you to print online with your BYOD but not access school-server drives like Studentread and Studentwrite (unless you access through online file viewer).


You need to apply for a personal key, which will work on one device only. It is not transferable. 

Intranet contract      

This document outlines the rules and expectations you must follow. If you fail to do this your access will be reduced.   

Get connected         

Log in to Google first then fill this form in. You will receive your  PSK from VHM.