You will have noticed that increasing numbers of schools are making the switch to BYOD. Garin College moved to BYOD in order to take advantage of the new opportunities information technology offers students in a blended learning environment. A student device is essential to participate fully in the learning environment. Not all devices however are made equal and we do have some basic minimum requirements to ensure that the students are not disadvantaged.

System Minimum requirements (must haves):

  • Good Wi-Fi (any new device will suffice)
  • Full-form keyboard (students need to type comfortably)
  • Screen large enough to work at comfortably for the student (minimum 10”)
  • At least 4 hours battery life (It is not always possible to have the device plugged in)
  • Anti-Virus support (many devices come with a few months trial anti-virus software installed. The device MUST have active and up-to-date anti-virus software to be allowed on the school
The device MUST meet the above Minimum requirements to be allowed as the main student device. We do however have some preferred devices for you to consider when you are deciding on a new device for school.

Preferred devices:

You do not require a powerful machine and neither do you need to buy any software to do this. A device need not cost any more than $400 dollars. While some other devices that meet the above requirements are allowed, Garin College strongly recommends that incoming students choose either a device that runs the full Windows or Apple operating systems. 


Student devices are valuable items even beyond the monetary value associated with them and as such we have some recommendations to consider for adding to the student device.
  • Warranty: The life expectancy of a device is around three years and as most repairs to a device involve replacing the screen or the motherboard, an extended warranty is recommended. Please note that warranties differ from supplier to supplier. Please ask about things like “are you supplied with a replacement device to use if your device needs to be taken in for repair.
  • Hard case protection: a hard case can save damage from students dropping their school bags or knocking them about. Note that this kind of damage is not usually covered by warranty.
  • External Mouse: An external mouse can make things easier for students.
  • Solid state drive: If the device does not come with a Solid State Drive or SSD It can often be negotiated or the larger Hard disk Drive (HDD) swapped for a smaller Solid State Drive (SSD) as they are less prone to damage, quieter and use less power - in effect extending the run time of the battery.
  • Storage/backup device:  A USB stick is an inexpensive option.
  • Technical specifications: (recommended)
    • Minimum 2GB of RAM
    • 2GHz Processor (two or more cores preferably)
    • 5Ghz capable wireless
    • 4 hours battery run time (minimum)


What and where you purchase a device is entirely up to you. Second hand is an option but you are then without a warranty and may be buying someone else’s problems. Batteries also tend to degrade so this to can be an issue. 

Above in the navigation bar you will see a tab for our purchasing options with links to suppliers who have deals available to Garin college students. These are here for your convenience but are not the only options.