I have executed the duties of educational developer, researcher, and technologist, primarily within Teaching and Learning Centres in British Columbia since 2005.

Significant experiences during this time: I have lived and worked in the Netherlands since spring of 2018. Working for TU Delfts' Teaching & Learning Services has allowed me to master design practices that have supported the launch of more than a dozen Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCS) in as many months., which supporting the refinement of 2 dozen others, alongside faculty development workshop responsibilities. From Oct. 2012 to Dec. 2014, I executed the duties of Educational Media Manager in Simon Fraser University’s (SFU’s) Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC). My primary responsibility to SFU’s TLC was to create their Educational Media team, and lead them to impact learner performance through faculty development and training that utilized media in innovative ways. In parallel to this role I executed the duties of primary researcher on a 24 month, grant funded mobile learning case study at BCIT. This study supported the completion of a Doctor of Education, while expanding the application of research findings far beyond my university credential requirements to support BCIT’s desire for differentiated support for learning utilizing media.

The breadth of academic leadership and development in my Manager, Developer, and Researcher roles spans educational design & development, elearning & edmedia research, faculty development & mentorship, and technology integration project management.

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For any questions or requests for more information please do not hesitate to contact me at: mobile.oneill@gmail.com



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