The Mini-Gastric Bypass and Hunger (MGB Decreases Hunger by 50%)

Studies of thousands of patients show that the MGB has powerful impact on hunger.

PreOp Average Levels of Daily Hunger

Patients were surveyed for their levels of hunger before and after surgery patient reported high levels of hunger:

Mildly Hungry Average level of hunger Pretty Hungry Really want to eat Very Hungry Extremely Hungry As Hungry as I can possibly imagine 3% 8% 21% 16% 18% 24% 11%

Note that 24% reported being extremely hungry on average every day before surgery.
None reported that they were:
Not at all Hungry Not very Hungry Slight Hungry

Post Op Average Levels of Daily Hunger

After surgery patients reported a marked change in the level of hunger:
Not very hungry Slight Hunger Mildly Hungry Average level of hunger 22% 22% 19% 24%

Now after MGB 87% of patients reported average level of daily hunger had decreased to "Not Very Hungry" to Average Levels of Hunger"