Talking with Your Doctor

Sam and others:

I have written about this before as I really believe that folks have to handle this a certain way to have a minimal chance of rejection by the doctor.

Just tell your doctor "I am going for a mini gastric bypass surgery soon'.  I have researched it extensively and have decided on this surgery for my long term health'. 'I just wanted to let you know as I will need following up with you after surgery to be monitored and here is the schedule of requested follow up exams. This is the surgeons contact info if there are any questions.  Also I just need a 2 sentence letter just letting Dr R/P that you are my doctor and will be following me after surgery''. DO NOT ASK PERMISSION! DO NOT ASK 'SHOULD I?' DO NOT ASK THEM TO WRITE THAT THEY SUPPORT IT-that’s where people get into trouble. Unless anything has changed-Dr P did not need it to say that the doc 'supports the surgery'-just that they will follow me. I am sure Dr R is similar.

When I went for my MGB I had to find a doctor as I didn’t have one. I handled my FIRST appt with my NEW primary care doc this way and she was fine. Later when I asked her if she would have 'supported the decision' she said no. Well, it is not up to them-it is up to you. SO you 'need' to hear your doc 'bless your decision' you are asking for a potential issue.

I am going for my MGB revision soon. I had to find another new doctor to follow me this time too because my first doctor moved! So I handled it the same way--told the doc what I have decided to do and here is my schedule of follow-ups and didn’t give them a choice to 'support me or not' and it went smooth as a baby's butt!

So that’s my 2 cents....hope it helps