Getting Started



Dear Future MGB/CLOS Patient, 


Hello from Florida and the staff at The Centers for Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery (CLOS).

We care for people who come from all around the world and all 50 states in America.  To safely manage this effort we have put in place a process for you to learn more about us and for us to learn more about you.

The cost of the Mini-Gastric Bypass is $17,000. This is the least expensive gastric bypass available in the United States. 

This "Notebook"  is designed to help you complete the "Preop Evaluation Packet" (the "packet" is the collection of documents you send to us for review prior to approval for surgery).


The notebook will help you to better understand the surgery and better prepare you for surgery by increasing your knowledege about obesity, obesity surgery, and  the MGB and will enable us to take much better care of you when you come to have your surgery with us.