press commentary:   Euro area policy urgency monetary policy, fiscal policy, structural policy -- need all three legs of the stool to stand.

Are international investors at UST auctions different?:  Monetary Policy and the High Yield at U.S. Treasury Auctions: Bills, Bonds, Bidders, and Investors Compared, draft July 28.  View Download

ETFs and EME Currency Risk:  Its (not going to be) different this time (presentation)
View or Download or watch video .  Global Interdependence Center conference, Managing Currency Risk in the ETF Space, May 19.

Is the Party Over?  presentation View or Download or watch video beginning at min 50.  Global Interdependence Center conference "Monetary Policy and Currency Issues in 2014:  QE or not QE" London, May 8

International Data Point:Quantitative Easing and Global CapitalRelated research  U.S. Treasury Auction Yields Before and During Quantitative Easing:  Market Factors vs. Auction Specific Factors" Jan 2014 .pdf  View Download

My thoughts on European sovereign debt strategies
With co-author from the Boston Fed, 
Fabià Gumbau-Brisa. "New Money Versus Old Money for Europe: The Provision of Credit Enhancements Through a Collateral Fund", CESifo DICE Report 11 (3), 2013, 21-27
Dr. Catherine L. Mann is the Chief Economist at the OECD, where she also heads up the Economics Directorate.  She was most recently the Barbara '54 and Richard M. Rosenberg Professor of Global Finance at the International Business School, Brandeis University, where she also directed the Rosenberg Institute of Global Finance.  She joins the OECD after 7 years at Brandeis and following 20-plus years in Washington, DC.   In Washington, she was a Senior Fellow at the Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics, Assistant Director in the International Finance Division at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Senior International Economist at the President's Council of Economic Advisers at the White House, and in the Chief Economist's Office at the World Bank.

Her current research focuses on two related topics:  US external balances and the dollar, and information technology in global markets. 

Dr. Mann received her PhD in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her undergraduate degree is from Harvard University.

A more detailed bio can be found here, or
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