6. Finding Specific Articles

You may find references to useful articles in bibliographies, or in your textbooks.  Sometimes you find articles when you're searching on the web, but when you try and click on the text, you find out there is a charge.  

Here's how to see if your library provides access to the article you want. If the library has access to the article, it is because they subscribe to the journal where the article was published.

So step 1is to find the journal title, and search for it in the library catalog.

This will tell you if the library has online access, or a print subscription.

Make sure you are searching for the journal title, not the title of the specific article you want.

Tip: Some libraries have a separate search for journal titles that isn't in the catalog. It might be called "Journal Title List" or "Periodicals List." Look for something similar to these if the catalog search does not work.