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Linking to Tutorials

The easiest way to use CLIP's tutorials is to link to the published versions from existing websites. Below are a few ideas:

  • link to specific tutorials from course pages 
  • link to specific tutorials from learning management systems (like Moodle, Blackboard or Sakai)
  • link to specific tutorials or CLIP's tutorial list from your library or departmental website
  • distribute tutorial links via email

*note* Links to specific tutorials are persistent.

You may choose to link to tutorials by using:

  • straight links
    • A persistent URL is provided for each tutorial. You can use this URL to link to a specific tutorial.
  • thumbnails
    • A thumbnail image is also provided for each tutorial. You can download thumbnail images and place them on your web page as links. HTML code is provided below:
    • <a href="tutorial_URL_here.htm"><img src="thumbnail_path_here.jpg" border="0" alt="Click to play Tutorial Title Here tutorial"></a>

      .psd Photoshop files of the thumbnail images are also provided if you would like to download and manipulate them.