CLIP is striving to create materials that will help instructors and librarians integrate information literacy student outcomes and course criteria for the Associate of Arts-Oregon Transfer degree into curricula. Tutorials that address the student outcomes and course criteria are mapped below. We will update this page as more materials are developed.

The JBAC mandated AA/OT outcomes and course criteria are articulated in appendix K of the Oregon Community College Handbook and Planning Guide (CCWD).

As a result of taking General Education Writing courses infused with Information Literacy, a student who successfully completes should be able to:

1. formulate a problem statement

2. determine the nature and extent of information needed to address the problem
"Incorporating Sources into Your Research Paper"

3. access relevant information effectively and efficiently

4. evaluate information and its sources critically

5. understand many of the economic, legal and social issues surrounding the use of information.

A Writing course infused with Information Literacy should include:

1.Instruction and practice in identifying gaps in their knowledge and recognizing when information is needed

2. Instruction and practice in finding information efficiently and effectively, using appropriate research tools and search strategies

3. Instruction and practice in evaluating and selecting information using appropriate criteria

4. Instruction and practice in research strategies that are recursive and involve multiple stages such as modification of the original strategy and revision of the topic

5. Instruction and practice in the ethical and legal use of information and information technologies

6. Instruction and practice in creating, producing, and communicating understanding of a subject through synthesis of relevant information