Mr. Tietz

Derek Tietz                                                                                                                                 B.S. Technology Education - UW-Stout
Technology Education - CHS                                                                                                 6 years experience
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Courses taught:

Woods Basics - A class where students learn to process different types of wood products, estimate material and cost, and learn basic woodworking  techniques

Production Woodworking - In this course students basically choose their own project and have to mass produce as many of that project as possible.

Finish Wood crafting - Students choose from several projects that focus on fine aspects of woodworking; joints, finishing techniques, tree care, etc.

Construction Tech. - Students learn the basic steps needed for residential construction, from foundation to roof, and from mechanics that go into a wall to how to finish a wall.  This is done through a series of units and hands on projects including; site surveying, masonry, framing, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and drywall.

Architecture & Design - Buildings come in all shapes and sizes. We will focus mostly on residential building where students will learn architectural features, be able to design a house, and 3D print it. Students will learn about room placement, and how to make a house energy efficient.

Engineering Basics  - This course is for students that love to problem solve or work with puzzles. They learn to design process, critical thinking, and 3D modeling.

Applied Engineering - Once you have a general understanding about engineering (Engineering Basics), you can take this class to apply it to problems/situations around the community. You will be able to create solutions to simple water dilemmas or to turning a stator into an alternative energy source.

Small Engines and Power - Students will learn hands on how internal combustion engines work by taking apart an engine, putting it back together and making it run. Other topics will include basic transmissions, pneumatic power, and hydraulic power.

Automotive Basics - Interested in know the different systems of a car? Are you thinking of ever buying a vehicle? In this course we'll cover buying/selling vehicles, basic bodywork, brakes & tires, and general engine upkeep. You'll be able to put this into practice out in the shop.

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