"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right."             
         - Henry Ford

Ms. Read, the counselor at Clinton Middle School, is available to help students and parents with questions and concerns.
Students may request an appointment at any time, they may also be referred by teachers, administrators, or parents.

Who is my school counselor?
A school counselor is someone who wants you to get the most out of school. . . and life. Your counselor is trained to help you find solutions to your problems, face the challenges of becoming a teenager and become good decision makers. 
It is my hope that middle school is an educational, fun and meaningful experience for all students.

What can I talk to my counselor about?
You can talk to your counselor about anything. Your school counselor can help you with...

  • Personal problems that can affect your attitude and performance at school
  • Social issues such as how to deal with peer pressure and problems with friendships
  • Academic issues including ways to improve grades, study skills, and organization.
  • Goal setting to start creating your future today!

Counselors also . . .

  • Meet with teachers and parents regarding a student's academic, social or emotional needs.
  • Coordinate school programs and events
  • Make referrals to community agencies designed to help teens and their families with various issues.
How can I contact my counselor?
Make an appointment with her or by calling or stopping by the office.
Phone number: (608) 676-2275 extension 3005 or you can email her at suread@clintonwis.com

In crisis or emergency situations, asking your classroom teacher to come to the office.
Together we can make a successful school year happen. Your counselor is here to assist and encourage you in all you do. 
Please don't hesitate to visit me for help on any issue.
Thank you for visiting my webpages!
Ms. Read 

Ms. Read's Professional Biography:
    M.A. in School Counseling - 1999 - Concordia University, Chicago
    B.S. in Secondary Education - 1989 - Western Illinois University
    28 years experience in Education.

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