Mr. Bestul's 3rd Grade Class Website

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Daily Schedule:

Morning Activities: 8:05-8:10

Math Block8:10-9:40


Language Arts Block10-11:50


Recess12:15- 12:40

Reading Intervention/Enrichment Block12:40-1:20

Social Studies/Science Block1:20-2:10

Prepare for Home2:10-2:15

SpecialsSee Below

Dismissal: 3:05


Monday: Art (2:15-3:05)

Tuesday: Gym (2:15-2:40) and Music (2:40-3:05)

Wednesday: Computer Lab (2:15-2:40) and Guidance or Gym (2:40-3:05)

Thursday:  Library (2:15-2:40) and Computer Lab (2:40-3:05)

Friday: Music(2:15-2:40) and Gym (2:40-3:05)

Phone: 676-2211 ext 4045
Apps: I use SchoolWay to send out "text updates" to everyone who signs up for them.

Professional Credentials:
Bachelor of Science in Education from UW-Oshkosh
Major: Elementary Education (1-8)    Minor: Speech Communication Education (1-8)
Teacher for 8 years 

Extra Help Websites:

(These sites require a log in name and password)

IXL Math -  Standards Based Math Activities - Log in: Student's first initial and last name             Password: ask me

RAZ-Kids - Leveled E-Books - Log in: ask me

Skills Navigator Log In - Log in: First 3 letters of first name, first 3 letters of last name ( Password: Written on paper from teacher

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