High School Choirs


Information and Expectations 2017


The High School Choir classes are areas where all students can express and develop their vocal and performing techniques.  These classes are designed so that students without a singing background and those who have experience in singing can learn and grow as vocal performers together.  Each student attending these classes must adhere to the rules of the Clinton Community School District as well as these rules for the choir.


All students will:


  • Participate in the classroom activity.


  • Come to class on time and with all materials.  Students will be allowed to use the restroom as long as this privilege is not abused. Do not be late to class because of phone usage!


  • Will not chew gum or eat in class. 


  • Respect the materials and furniture in the choir room.


  • Attend all concerts, festivals, competitions, and other events that represent choir and that are part of the overall grade.


  • Respect each other in class.  Please no negative remarks or harmful statements are allowed in the choir room. 


  • Wait until Mr. Bennett has dismissed class.  Students are not allowed in the hallway before the bell rings.


  • Students need to stand and sing in class with the rest of the class.  A note from a parent is needed if this is an issue


  • Return any materials loaned to you by the Choral Department.


  • Will not learn on the back of the risers. Students will have to move if this becomes a problem.


  • Will not use cell phones in class. Discipline referrals will be issued to students who do not follow this school board policy.


Concerts and programs are very important in these performance-based classes.  Solo and Ensemble participation is mandatory for all 7-12 grade choir students.  The performances are also required. Missing of any the performance or Solo and Ensemble will result in your quarter and semester grade lowered by 25% or more.  

25% of your grade this year will be based on performance skills and 75% on choral singing during classroom practices. Weekly grade updates will reflect your ability to meet these requirements.

Please follow the rules the best of your ability. Information can be found on the Clinton Community School District website, email at aabennett@clintonwis.com or on face book under ChoirBennett. I know you will have a fun and enjoyable time in choir.