English 9: Global Literature

Ms Theresa Wellnitz                                                              Professional Experience
112 Milwaukee Rd.                                              * Concordia University of Wisconsin- Reading Specialist- 17
PO Box 566                                                           * Concordia University of Wisconsin- Reading Teacher- 316
Clinton, WI 53525                                               * University of Wisconsin- Whitewater- Secondary English-300
608-676-2223 ext. 2127                                     * 11 years of experience at Clinton High School 

Teacher: English 9 General, English 9 Prep, English Intervention 
Specials: English Interventionist, HS Literacy Team, Forensics Coach, RtI Team, Standards Based Grading Team 

GENERAL: English 9 is the foundational class for high school English. This class focuses on the skills students will need to succeed in high school and beyond. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills will be studied in depth. Students will be required to read and analyze novels, short stories, nonfiction essays, and poems both in writing and speech.
APPLIED: The English 9 Applied class will include all concepts in English 9 at a lower skill band. Preparatory courses are designed to address learning needs of students who are below grade level.
HONORS: Honors English 9 is an extension of the English 9 class. This class is aimed for the students who are looking for a challenge
beyond English 9. Students who are advanced in reading, writing, comprehension, and study skills will benefit from taking this class. This class studies similar concepts and skills as the English 9 class but further explores literary elements and analysis.

Classroom Expectations
Students will: 
  • respect themselves, each other, the materials, the classroom and the teacher, 
  • "Beat the Bell and be in their seats before the bell rings,
  • complete assigned work because "Homework is a Have To",
  • bring all materials to class all the time, 
  • "Pocket It, Lock It, or Drop It" for all technology,
  • complete "Business on Your Own Time", and
  • "Mash the Mouth" when it is not appropriate to be talking. 

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