DECA/School Store News

DECA is an association of Marketing Students. 

Districts: January 7, 2017-Sun Prairie High School
State: March 7-9, 2017-Grand Geneva
International: April 26-29-Anaheim, California

General member meetings are held on Thursdays during RISE in Room 307.

2016-17 Officer Team
DECA                                              Cougar Cave
President: Cameron Klein                 President: Melissa Wixom
Vice President: Steve Espinoza          Vice President: Jack Gunnink
                              Secretary: Dylan Witte
                           Public Relations: Ellie Nimtz

Below is the Cougar Cave shift schedule! If you work in the mornings please arrive at the school store by 7:45 and if you work in the afternoons please report immediately after 8th hour.  If you cannot work a scheduled shift please find a replace and/or contact Mrs. Benisch. 

Cougar Cave Schedule