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Objective for May 23 - 27:
 To calculate rate using unit rate and equivalent ratios.  Use coordinate grids to determine rate and recognize a pattern.

 Running List of Important Dates:

5/27 - Math Test (Science Test the same day)

6/7 - Journal Entry Due


Math Projects:

May 9, 2016 - wanted poster will be assigned 5/16

April 4, 2016

Our Next Journal Entry was assigned today.

Four 4's - is due on Thursday, April 16th

You can find the posted rubric and actual task under the math project links on the left margin.

March 22, 2016 - up coming is Four Four's!  It will appear on the seen in the beginning of April!

Writing Homework - Welcome Writing L
Branch It out is due 6/3
Test is 6/8
       Projects with Rubric - 
Math Web Links 
Just posted a new link to weight and measurement - 4/6

Cool Math - 3/17
Coordinate Game -3/17

Posted some new amazing math links!!!
Video Games - posted 3/8
IXL - posted 3/8
Soft Schools - posted 3/8

 Math Playground  - 1/21/16

 You will find a variety of links to activities that enhance you math ability.  Complete against yourself each time or enjoy fun time with family.  Check them out.

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