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Objective for October 17th - October 21st:
We will be focusing on Greatest Common Factor (GCF) and how it can be calculated by using Venn Diagrams, Prime Factorizations, and list of factor pairs.  It will then be applied to find the lowest form of a fraction.
 Running List of Important Dates:

10/26 - Our field trip to the Water Treatment Plant

10/28 Persistence in Problem Solving - four fours is due

10/28 Math Test for Math B and C

11/2 Math Test of Math A and D

11/4 - first Dodge Ball Tournament after school


Math Projects:

I just assigned the Persistence in Problem Solving Problem today.  It is due 10/28.

Rubric is in the Math Projects Section

Writing Homework - Writing H is currently in the math writing class.

I have posted a challenge for the math writing class on the "Math Homework" page

       Projects with Rubric - 
Math Web Links 

You will find a variety of links to activities that enhance you math ability.  Complete against yourself each time or enjoy fun time with family.  Check them out.

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