Mr. Wojick 2013-14 school year

Welcome to Mr. Wojick's Technology Education web page. Here you will find information concerning technology education and related course work at Eliot.
Activities for all grades are listed below.
6th grade:
                        PaperClip /Assembly                                                                                                                                     
                        Small Scoop
                        Pad Holder
                        Tin Box
                        Co2 Car
                        Cookie Cutter
Tech-Lab / Transportation / Communication 
                        Car Builder
                        Bridge Builder
                        The Factory
                        Logo Button Design
                        I.D. Card
7th grade:
                        Transportation System / Fixed Route 
                        Mousetrap Vehicle
                        Magnetic Levitation Vehicle
                        Solar Energy Vehicle
                        StratoBlaster / Rockets
                        Water Vehicle
                        CO2 Dragster / Wind Tunnel
                        Airplanes / Paper
                        Differences and Similarities
                        Introduction to RCX
                        Using the RCX
                        Touch Control
                        Light Control
                        Challenge 1: Building and Driving a Rover
                        Training and Pilot 1,2,3,4 missions
                        Challenge 2: The Can-Do Challenge
8th grade: 
Innovations & Inventions: 
                        What do you know about manufacturing?
                        Product Design: Research & Development
                        Concept Design Sketches
                        Production Order (Plan of Procedure)
                        Bill of Materials
                        Market Survey
                        Presentation of R & D Prototype Designs
                        Flow of Materials Chart (Plant Layout)
                        Mass Production / Assembly Line
                        Pack it Up and Sell it