Spring is here...
Here's what we are working on...
                                    Letter/sound relationships (with long/short vowel sounds, the digraphs ch, sh, th, wh, & ck, and   the glued sounds ang, ank, ing, ink, ong, onk, ung, & unk).
                                    Increasing our sight word count, identifying & phonetically spelling silent e/long vowel words, and those verbs ending in "ing".
                                    Using consistent spacing, appropriate upper/lowercase letter use, punctuation, and proper penmanship when writing.
                                    Spelling words better by incorporating all beginning, middle, and ending sounds heard.
                                    Identifying, building, ordering, and comparing numbers/sets to 30 depending on individual level.
                                    Counting to 100. Counting by 2's to 20, 5's and 10's to 100. Greater than, less than, and equal concepts.

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Sneakers! Sneakers! Sneakers! 
our child should wear sneakers each and every day.