Welcome to the Reynolds Room

Our kids are BUCKET FILLERS.
Be sure to click on the BUCKET FILLING link to the left
to learn how your child can be a BUCKET FILLER!

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"I'd love to volunteer, but what do I do?!?!?!"
Funny you should ask.

We love when parents can come in and share/participate in our learning experiences.

Feel free to contact me if you have a time you wish to volunteer in our room. 
It can be as little as half an hour to working the morning or afternoon. 
(Regularly or when you find yourself with an open opportunity.)
You might say, "What can a half hour do?" You could ready a painting center, fold and staple little books, guide them through a simple math center, or simply support/listen to a child read the books from their reading tub.

Priceless to them and to me! I look forward to hearing from you.