Our big push...
Here's what we are working on in the Reynolds Room!
                                    We are spelling and reading...
                                            long/short vowel sounds
                                            the digraphs ch, sh, th, wh, & ck, and the glued sounds ang, ank, ing, ink, ong, onk, ung, & unk

                                            words that end in "ing, ed, er"
                                            and we are understanding how to read and spell long vowel words with those ending. Amazing!!!
                                    We are increasing our sight word count and picking books that challenge us more!

                                    We continue to use consistent spacing, appropriate upper/lowercase letter use, punctuation, and proper penmanship                                                 when writing.
Identifying, building, ordering, composing & decomposing, and comparing numbers/sets to 30 depending on individual                                             level.

                                    Counting to 100. Counting by 2's to 20, 5's and 10's to 100. Greater than, less than, and equal concepts.
                                    Measuring and comparing objects by size, weight etc...

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Sneakers! Sneakers! Sneakers! 
our child should wear sneakers each and every day.