We are Bucket Fillers!

Classroom Bucket Filling

We work to fill up our classroom buckets with flowers when we are being kind and caring, following directions the first time, listening to ALL of the teachers, using kind words, participating in related services, participating in classroom activities, participating during specials, helping another friend, etc. Once the class bucket has been filled to the top, the class votes on a classroom celebration (ex, special treat, small party, pajama day, costume/dress up day, recess time, special games)

Using the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today by Carol McCloud, students are taught that everyone carries an invisible bucket that can be filled throughout the day by positive behaviors and acts of kindness. A full bucket brings happiness, optimism, and positive self-esteem.

When we do or say mean things, we are “bucket dipping” and taking away from other’s happiness.

The Mission of the Bucket Filling Program:

1. To create a safe, kinder, more respectful culture so that Joel children can learn.

2. To create a school community that enables children to grow and thrive with confidence and resilience.

3. To create a positive, supportive workplace for all Joel staff.

4. To make bucket filling a habit and a way of life, resulting in individuals with full buckets who are healthy mentally, emotionally, and socially.

5. To teach children how to reach out and express love, respect and appreciation to others.

6. To help them become “other centered” rather than “self-centered”.

7. To create a positive school environment.

8. To effect a positive home environment.

How do you fill a bucket?

· Showing respect by always treating others the way that you would want to be treated

· If someone is lonely ask them to play

· Be kind and caring

· Smile at someone

· Say hello to someone

· Give someone a compliment

· Hold the door for someone

· Share and take turns

· Use good manners

· Use kind words.

And so much more…

What is dipping?

This is what you don’t want to do because when you dip into a bucket you take out good feelings and thoughts. It makes you and others feel bad.

· Calling people names.

· Making fun of someone.

· Leaving someone out.

· Teasing.

· Bullying.

· Hurting someone’s feelings.

· Hitting, punching, kicking, pushing, or pinching.

· Not showing respect for others and things around you.