Let's Play and Be Healthy!

Did you know that play is a child's work? Through play, your child will learn about their preferences and dislikes, strengths and challenges, and the impact they have on him/herself, others, and the environment. Children benefit from using their entire bodies during play. These whole body experiences are building the foundation for academic success by developing the muscles that will go on to support the hands and eyes when learning to read and write.

In our class, we incorporate movement activities throughout the day, both inside and out. Inside, you might see us going for walks to locate letters, shapes, colors, symbols, and words. You might find us making up movements that correspond to the syllables in our names, or using our bodies to count movements. A vital component of our day is our Outdooor Learning Time. During this time, we use playground equipment such as swings, slides, climbing apparatus, balls, and hoops to help develop our brains and bodies. We also use bubbles, cooperative games, and our five senses to investigate our world by crawling, running, jumping, reaching, looking, rolling, and ! When we use our entire bodies and engage all of our senses, we are more likely to remember the information we learned during this time.

We go outside in the rain and snow, during warm and cold weather. On days when it isn't safe for us to go outside, due to wind, extreme cold, or lightning, we participate in indoor movement activities. During this time, we usually break into our two movement groups and take turns participating in yoga and other indoor movement activities. We end our indoor movement time with a whole group activity such as dancing or a group game.

By providing appropriate clothing and time each day for your child to play, indoors and out, you are helping your child to reach his/her full potential. Please click below for additional resources to support you in helping your child play, move, learn and grow.

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