Regular School Hours: 7:56 a.m. to 2:37 p.m.
Delayed Opening:  10 a.m.
Early Dismissal:  11:45 a.m.
Office Phone:  860-664-6502
School Nurse Jeannette Watka  860-664-6572

Principal:  Angela Guarascio

About Our School

Abraham Pierson School, nestled in the historic district of Clinton, embraces its rich history while simultaneously providing 21st Century learning opportunities for students in grades four and five.  Dedicated educators provide an “educational bridge” between primary and middle school, guiding students to acquire those necessary foundation skills and competencies that will help them become “Independent and Collaborative Learners Ready to Embrace Their Future.”

The upper elementary experience at Abraham Pierson School is designed to support students who are transitioning from a “Learning to Read” to a “Reading to Learn” model.  As a professional learning community, we are firmly committed to the belief that “Literacy is the core to all learning experiences” and that “Learning how to learn independently and collaboratively, is the primary goal for all students.”  Learning experiences are designed so that the “Application of knowledge and skills, in new and challenging situations, are imbedded in all learning experiences.”  A strong and viable curriculum, delivered by highly qualified teachers using research based instructional strategies, provides a personalized and data driven learning plan for each student.  “Respectful, Responsible, Prepared, Safe and Kind” behavior expectations are the foundation for all interactions within this nurturing campus. 

Strong parent and community support serves to deepen and enrich the educational experience through real life and hands-on learning experiences, frequently within steps of our school.  As a learning community, Abraham Pierson School is known for being a caring and involved neighbor and for contributing generously to community, national, and global initiatives. It is our goal, through strong partnerships with families and the community, to help students develop those critical and creative thinking skills and the values of respect and responsibility that will support them as learners in a diverse and dynamic world.