Tuesday 3/31
The Earth Takes Shape Flowchart
-3 pictures with titles
-3 descriptions

Friday 3/27
Finish "Blue Notes" pages 74-79
Answer reading check Questions: page 74, 76, 78

Thursday 3/26
Sections 1 and 2 Quiz tomorrow covering The Formation of the Solar System and The Sun

Wednesday 3/25
Answer all of the Sunspots Questions
***Electronic copy of the assignment is posted at the bottom of THIS page***
Reminder: Section 1 and 2 Quiz on Friday

Tuesday 3/24
Graph the average number of sunspots over time
***Electronic copy of the assignment is posted at the bottom of THIS page***

Monday 3/23
Complete the Timeline Assignment, including analysis question

Friday 3/20
Complete Formation of the Solar System timeline up to:
3 explanations
3 out of 6 pictures and their captions
****Electronic copy of the assignment is posted at the bottom of THIS PAGE******

Thursday 3/19
Finish reading section 1, pages 64-67 and take "blue notes"

Tuesday 3/17-Wednesday 3/18
Return Signed Morgan Course Recommendations 

Wednesday 3/11-Friday 3/13
No Homework: watching the biopic of Stephen Hawking "The Theory of Everything"

Tuesday 3/10
Reread (if necessary) the Hawking lecture and make comments
Study for the formation of the universe/black holes quiz

Monday 3/9
Finish the Venn diagram
Read and comment on the Hawking lecture

Friday 3/6
Read the article "Into the Darkness" and answer the two analysis questions

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