Thursday 2/11
Complete "Bridge Basics" #1-10

Wednesday 2/10
February Project Note card Check---see sample in the project rubrics tab

Return blue textbook

Tuesday 2/9
Chapter 2 review, pages 58-59, # 1-5,6-14,17-19

Note card Check will be on Thursday 2/11***see Project Rubrics tab for a sample***

Thursday 2/4
Complete the Momentum sheet
Work on note cards for Feb. Project

Wednesday 2/3
Finish Blue notes on momentum (section 3)
Math focus page 53, and Reading Check questions page 53, and 54

Tuesday 2/2
Newton's Law Quiz tomorrow
Research February Scientist

Thursday 1/28
Antonio's wagon sheet
January Project is due tomorrow

Wednesday 1/27
Work on the January Project--due Friday 1/29

Tuesday 1/26
Finish the Career Research Worksheet 
***Electronic Copy is posted at the bottom of THIS page**

Monday 1/25
Finish Newton's 2nd Law packet #1-11 (due tomorrow)

Tuesday 1/19
The Mid-Year exam is tomorrow. 
You should have reviewed:
1. the Inquiry Unit test, the Scientific Method Study Guide, graphing and data table rules, identifying variables, and the scientific method in general
2. forces and Motion Study Guide, Chapter 1 test concepts(gravity, motion, forces, friction) and the test itself, Chapter 2 Section 1.
    Make sure you can calculate: speed, acceleration, resultant velocity, velocity, weight, net force, velocity of a falling object, time it takes for an object to fall, and speed using dimensional analysis. Formulas will be provided. If you haven't started studying yet, good luck.

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