Monday 5/23
All 3 study final exam study guides have been issued. 
Study for the final exam
Topics covered: 
2. Forces and Motion (Blue Book chapters 1 and 2, bridges, and engineering)
3. Astronomy-Chapter 3, Black Holes, and Formation of the Universe Theories
4. Reproduction (including the 5 characteristics of life and Meiosis, mitosis) 
5. DNA Structure

Friday 5/20
The Reproduction Test is MONDAY
If you did not sign out a book, use the internet!

Tuesday 5/17-Friday 5/20
Prepare for the Reproduction test on Monday 5/23

Thursday 5/12
The Pathway of sperm paragraph due tomorrow
***Electronic copy posted at the bottom of THIS page***

Wednesday 5/11
Reproduction Critical Thinking questions. If you cannot answer the questions based on your notes, use the internet or YOUR BRAIN!

Tuesday 5/10
A period only:  Finish the Cell reproduction study Guide

Thursday 5/5
Complete the Reproduction "Fake-Quiz"
**electronically posted at the bottom of THIS page***

Wednesday 5/4
Chromosome sheet 1-5
An electronic copy is posted at the bottom of THIS page. 
The document is titled " CK-12 Biology Chapter 5 Worksheets.pdf" Scroll down to page 10 and 11 of the pdf

Tuesday 5/3
Meiosis Packet--finish

Monday 5/2
Finish the review questions from the slideshow
***electronic copy of the slideshow is posted at the bottom of THIS slide*** (titled "Reproduction 2007")

Friday 4/29

Wednesday 4/27
April Project is due tomorrow:
Print a copy or your rap/song/poem
Print your works cited
Bring your rubric to class

Tuesday 4/26
Complete the Characteristics of Life packet up through page 6

Monday 4/25
Characteristics of Life packet: read and highlight main ideas, answer questions 1-11

April Project is due Thursday--rubric is posted in the "Project Rubrics" tab

Wednesday 4/13
Study for the Chapter 3 test TOMORROW
-Formation of the universe
        -Big Bang
        -Penrose's Theory
-Black Holes
-Chapter 3
        -Formation of the Solar System
        -The Sun
        -Formation of Earth
        - Planetary Motion

Monday 4/11
Kepler's laws problems #1-11
Posted at the bottom of THIS page

Thursday 4/7
Finish flowchart assignment
Finish cause and effect handout from section 3

Monday 4/4
Finish Blue Notes:74-79
Earth's Layers sheet***electronic copy at the bottom of THIS page

Friday 4/1
Study for Section 1 and 2 Quiz on MONDAY: Formation of the Solar System and The Sun. Pages 63-73

Wednesday 3/30
Graph sunspot data

Tuesday 3/29
Blue Notes: The sun, pages 68-73

Monday 3/28
Finish the Timeline Assignment
**electronic copy is posted at the bottom of THIS PAGE***

Thursday 3/24
Finish half of the timeline assignment

Wednesday 3/23
Complete the Solar Nebula sheet

Monday 3/21
Study for the Quiz: Black Holes and Formation of the Universe

Tuesday 3/15
Read and annotate the Hawking lecture

Monday 3/14
Complete the Venn Diagram comparing the two black hole articles
**electronic copies are not available :(

Friday 3/11
"Into the Darkness" article questions 1 and 2

Wednesday 3/9
Astronomy textbook: Chapter 2, Section 4 Section Review #2-8 (page 53)

***The extra credit March Project rubric is posted in the Project Rubrics Tab***

Monday 3/7
Think CMT thoughts!!!

Friday 3/4
All CMT reiview packets are due on Monday...attached at the bottom of this screen.

Thursday 3/3
8th Grade CMT packet #1-6, 27-30--you do not need a book to complete
I attached the packet to the bottom of this screen

Tuesday 3/1

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