King Arthur Flour and You Can Make a Difference!

"Baking Goods and Doing Good Go Hand in Hand"

Pledge to share a homemade baked good with a loved one or someone in your community.

By joining us, your baking makes a difference.

1 pledge = 1 meal! Over 40, 700 meals donated to date!

Go to KingArthur.Com (link right from this page) and pledge to bake for someone - anyone - and they will donate the cost of one meal to Feeding America - an organization that helps Americans in need!

8th grade Foods students donated 50 plates of muffins and cookies to the Clinton Food Pantry AND pledged to KAF adding 50 meals to Feeding America!  Great job!

Welcome to Family and Consumer Science
.  I am happy to have you here! 
Family and Consumer Science runs on a trimester schedule.
     * Sixth grade students will have 6 weeks of Child Care and Development and 6 weeks of Foods
     * Seventh and Eighth grade students will have 12 weeks of Foods
     * Each class meets twice a week.
Foods class is not just cooking, it is a necessary life skill built on the following objectives:
        - developing an understanding of the flow of the kitchen;
        - demonstrating proficiency in use of equipment;
        - being able to read, make the connections between the steps, and follow a recipe;
        - being able to listen and follow directions;
        - being a member of a cooperative learning team;
        - implementing safety and sanitation practices; and
        - being a good time manager.

Child Care and Development is a six week program for sixth grade only.
    Topics including being home alone, first aid, growth and development of children, toys and play, discipline and supervision, and     practical child care strategies are covered.  Child Care and Development is also pass/fail and part of the 6th grade trimester
    grade in Family and Consumer Science. 
Child Care and Development is built on the following objectives:
        - defining the purpose and responsibilities of being a child care giver;
        - defining resources available to care givers;
        - understanding the growth and development of children;
        - understanding and explaining how to handle emergency situations; and
        - understanding basic child care needs.
Students in the Child Care program will get "babies" that they are responsible for during class time.

The Foods program supports our district mission to develop independent learners thus becoming less dependent on the teacher.  Foods class is where practical application of academic knowledge takes place.  Sixth grade Foods is exploratory and is graded on a pass/fail system.  Seventh and Eighth grade Foods receive a letter grade in the Foods program.  

To see rubric for grading in the Foods Lab, click on the "Foods Lab Evaluation Sheet" tab on the left.  A detailed explanation of the rubric can be found there.