Art Room Basics

Mission for the Class

Students will learn how the arts can be used as a positive outlet for personal expression.

30% of students average will be based off of weekly effort and participation grades

Students should come to class ready to participate and create. 

Respectful behavior is required at all times in the art room.  

Safe and appropriate use of all tools and equipment 

70% of students average will be based off of project grades
All projects will be graded using the following criteria:

Graded Skills

Art Project Criteria




6 or less

Following Directions

*Did you complete all the objectives of the lesson?

I followed all the directions for the project.

I followed most of the directions but forgot to do a few things.

I followed some directions but forgot or refused to do most of them.

I followed very little to none of the directions.


*Did you participate in class discussions?

*Did you follow the classroom rules?

*Did you use your class time wisely?

I worked hard on the project until it was complete. I gave effort that went beyond what was required.  I took pride in doing my best.

I worked hard on the project but know I could have done more to make it my very best.

I did not try very hard on this project I gave enough effort to get it done.

I did not try at all to do my best on this project.  I gave minimum effort.


*Did you do your best?

*Did you use the correct techniques with the materials?

My artwork was beautifully, carefully, and patiently created.

My project was completed carefully but lacks some finishing touches.

I could have completed the project with more care; it is somewhat messy.

My project shows a lack of pride in a finished product, it looks like it was thrown together quickly.

Elements and Principles

*Do you understand the main concepts?

*Did you create a balanced composition?

I understand the

elements/principles studied completely, and I used them appropriately and effectively.

I have a basic understanding of elements/principles studied and used them to the best of my knowledge.

I do not really understand the elements/principles studied and this is evident in my work.

I have no knowledge of the elements/principles studied and my project reflects this.

Creativity and Originality

*Did you make this project your own?


I thought of new ways to solve artistic problems.  I experimented and worked with my own ideas.

I used a combination of my own ideas and the ideas of others and solved problems logically.

I used very little of my own ideas, with very little experimentation and may have copied others’ ideas.

My project is finished but shows no signs of thinking individually or trying anything unusual or unique.