Art Room Basics

Mission for the Class

Students will learn how the arts can be used as a positive outlet for personal expression.


Behavioral expectations

Students should come to class ready to participate and create.

Respectful behavior is required at all times in the art room. 

Safe and appropriate use of all tools and equipment

70% of students average will be based off of project grades
30% of students average will be based off of weekly effort and participation grades
All projects will be graded using the following criteria:


Composition and Design

q  Showed awareness of filling the space adequately (2-D work) or created a sculpture that is of adequate size (3-D work)


q  Applied the Elements and Principles of art required for this assignment.


q  The artwork solves the problem that was posed by the project goals.




q  Sketched/explored ideas for artwork.


q  Idea for artwork shows originality or daring to try something different



Effort/ Participation:

q  Participated in class discussion.


q  Respectful classroom behavior.


q  Demonstrated good time management.



Craftsmanship and Use of tools:

q  Materials were used appropriately.


q  Composition is neat, clean and complete.


q  Showed adequate skill using project materials.