Welcome to Mrs. Hart's website.

About Mrs. Hart:
    *  Employed by the Clinton School System over 30 years
    *  Endorsed in Elementary Education, Special Education and Reading/Language Arts
    *  Served over 20 years as Vocational Instruction Program Coordinator, a state commended program and model                           along the shoreline
    * Assigned to teach, over the years, Reading at Pierson, ELL at Eliot and Morgan, and Academic Support,                                       Reading/Language Arts and Special Education at Morgan
    * Co-teach English, Civics and U.S History
    *  Honored by Connecticut's Celebration of Excellence, Who's Who Among America's Teachers and the Polaroid                             Education Program
    * Published in Connecticut English Journal, Celebration of Excellence Curriculum Project Resource Book, Polaroid                   Education Program Publication and Instructor Magazine 

Mission Statement:
 The Morgan School cultivates intellect and character in partnership with families and the community. Students learn in a rigorous academic and student-centered environment that prepares them to become resourceful, productive, healthy citizens in a global society.