Kate Iverson




Advisor:  Joni Capobianco

Our mission is to promote environmental awareness through community service, outdoor activities and participation in the Envirothon, a nationwide competition where students do independent study and attend workshops in preparation for statewide competition. Below is a list of activities of the environmental club. 

Shellfish Commission



Renfrew Garden

Recycling Bins  the school

Compost pile

Movie night to raise money for Darfur

Clean up trails with Clinton Land Trust


Advisor: Mike Graham
 Students participate in workshops such as How to Handle a Crime Scene and How to Collect Evidence.


Dianna Rizzo

High School Bowl is the varsity sport of the mind.  Students excel in trivia-like  questions with subjects ranging from science and math to history, literature, and pop culture. Students challenge the skills of other shoreline schools during monthly meets.  High School Bowl  is an educational team that promotes both fun and healthy competition.


Raymond Smith

The Morgan Jazz Ensemble is a subset of the Morgan Concert Band program. Band members may elect to join and perform swing, blues, and Latin jazz songs. Many of the songs are ³standards². Students will also learn about the writers and performers that made those charts popular. The Jazz Ensemble performs at the annual Clinton Jazz Night concert in the Spring together with the Jazz Band from the Eliot Middle School. 


Diana Brochu and Jean Sunny
The Knitting Club- a fun loving group for experienced and inexperienced knitters.  Students are welcome to stop by the Guidance Office every Tuesday at 2:15 every Tuesday. Our project this year is knitting infant hats to donate to a local hospital. Staff is also welcome!  Come join us. 



Julie Frydenborg

Literary Magazine is a club designed to track down the great writers of our school to encourage them to publish at least one of their works in the magazine.  Throughout the year, we collect these works and judge them.  Only the best pieces are put into the magazine.  We include different forms of writing from poetry to short stories.  Art work accompanies the writing masterpieces. We meet on Tuesdays every other week. Once the work is selected for inclusion in the magazine, we edit the work and format it for the magazine. The Literary Magazine encourages all students to submit their writing,  Students who enjoy reading and critiquing student work should join the fun.  You will be surprised at the number of talented people in our school.  2013-14 Lit Mag: A Pack of Gum and Other Stories To Choose From



Michael Graham
Mock Trial team experiences will take students to the heart of the justice system. Students will acquire critical-thinking skills, an in-depth understanding of our judicial process and public speaking skills. 
Mock Trial Team embodies the highest levels of critical thinking skills that students can transfer into a public forum and develop in the classroom. Students are prepared for all the roles of attorneys, and students learn what witnesses must prepare for in a trial setting. Students develop their own argumentative positions based on cases that have actually occurred. From the fact patterns and themes of the case, each team, prosecution and defense, develops a legal plan.  Using critical listening and speaking skills each team member contributes to the success of their team in competition against other high school teams from across Connecticut. Unlike all other competitions in high school, the team must win to move on. Lose once and the team is done. 

Cases are argued before actual adult attorneys and judges from the community.  Former students fondly remember the excitement and accomplishment they felt as part  of a law team. Former team members have gone on to pioneer Mock teams at their own university. One uses the skills she developed as a Mock Trial participant in her position as a page in the United States Congress. Do you have what it takes to partake in an experience unlike any other competition? Try the Mock Trial experience and find out.


Raymond Smith
The Morgan Pep Band is a subset of the Morgan Concert Band program. Band members may elect to join and perform classic pop and rock songs at selected women's and men's varsity basketball games during the winter.

Advisor: Eric Bergman

The Political Club is a student run organization that promotes open dialogue from a variety of perspectives Initially formed to sponsor local debates, the club has evolved since 2005 as a host to guest speakers—many of whom represent often overlooked views.


Advisor:  Beth Nadeau

Each year the Morgan Ski Club runs three ski trips to Northern New England. Approximately 45 students participate on each trip. The group has traveled to Loon, Waterville Valley, Jimney Peak, Berkshire East, and the favorite, Okemo. Each year during parent teacher conferences forms are available with the list of scheduled trips and the price. Students who return the permission forms and payment early receive a discount.  Students may elect to go on one trip or all of the trips.